VIP Portable Toilets

In addition to our standard portable toilets, we offer a higher-quality VIP version. These toilets come with a mirror, corner shelf, three-roll toilet paper holder, gender indicator sign and slip resistant floor. Another great feature is the hover handle. This allows users to latch and unlatch the door without the use of their hands.

As the saying goes, the quality is found in the details. The Taurus has more than enough added features to make sure users will be pleased with the amenities and comfort. The VIP portable toilet is a large capacity restroom with an 80-gallon tank designed with a pyramid sump. This provides better deodorizer coverage and easier pumping. For strength, the unique cap-style roof fits neatly over the side walls to form an exceptionally strong frame. The door pulls tightly shut with two enclosed springs.

VIP Toilets For Festivals and Events

In a city the size of Charlotte, events are happening every day. Festivals, concerts and other community event organizers are constantly seeking for ways to make sure that their event stands out from the rest.

One way to make your event stand out … VIP treatment for the attendees. Hosting an outdoor concert? Add a VIP section that patrons can upgrade to. This is the perfect place for one of our VIP portable toilets. Plenty of people will throw down a few extra bucks to get the VIP experience.

Adding VIP portable toilets to your event will come at a low cost and they are easy to use. We can help you determine the proper number of VIP facilities you’ll need and even the best way to have them arranged so they are an extra amenity for your event and not a distraction. Portable toilets are essential to the success of an event. Provide inadequate facilities is one way to make sure people don’t come back. We’ll make sure that doesn’t happen!

So, if you are involved in planning a big event, contact Porta-Can today! We’ll make sure your needs are covered for your event so you can worry about making it the best one ever!

VIP Portable Toilets For Construction Sites

All construction sites need to have clean portable toilets for people who are working. Actually, construction sites are one of the most common uses for portable toilets. Why not show your workers some love with a VIP version of the portable toilet? Workers with higher morale will perform better work. It’s a win-win! This can be especially helpful for a residential project. Especially if the property owners are around and may need to use the facilities as well during the project.

No matter what kind of job it is, we are here to make life easier for the contractor that is working on your site. When you need to have portable toilets on site, let’s make them the best around with the VIP version!

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About Porta-Can

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