One thing we all have in common, whether your are on a construction site or not, is the need to use the bathroom. In most situations, we have restroom facilities with plumbing. However, that is not always the case — especially for those people spending a lot of time on construction sites.

All construction sites need to have clean portable toilets for people who are working to save time, cut the cost of labor, enhance health and limit environmental impact. And, of course, to comply with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and their standards and regulations.

OSHA Regulations

We know that it can be difficult to stay on top of all the rules and regulations out there these days. We do our best to help you out so here we will keep you up to date with the rules related to portable toilets at construction sites. Keep in mind that regulations can vary depending on what state you are in. Here are OSHA’s bathroom requirements.

  • Employers are required to provide their workers with sanitary and immediately available toilet facilities.
  • Provide enough restrooms for the size of the workforce.
  • No unreasonable restrictions for restroom use and allow workers to leave their area if a bathroom break is needed.
  • Ensure that toilets have privacy with locking doors, are separated by gender, have sufficient light and ventilation.
  • Restrooms also need to provide soap and water in addition to some type of towels for your hands.

How Many Toilets?

Residential construction projects can be vastly different from one project to the next. No matter what kind of job it is, we are here to make life easier for the contractor that is working on your site. We will accommodate all job site needs. When it comes to the number of toilets that should be placed at a construction site, the minimum is one toilet for every 20 people.

However, we recommend one portable toilet for approximately ten workers at a construction site. If you don’t have room at your construction site for as many portable toilets as you would like, we can help you accommodate more workers by increasing the frequency of the service throughout the week. But, it is always a good idea to have more portable toilets on hand than you think you are going to need — just in case. There are always going to be things popping up unexpectedly. Things like medications, diet, and even the weather can impact how many times a worker may need to use the restroom.

Many places require portable toilets to be on work sites. If this is the case in your location, you will need to have one on site before starting your project. Depending on the scope of the project, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration may require portable toilets for the workers at the site. Failure to comply with the regulations of OSHA can get your project shut down and even cost you a fine. Whether they are required by law or not, portable toilets on the construction site will make everybody’s life easier.

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About Porta-Can

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Unit specifications: 

Height: 88″ (2235mm)
Width: 44″ (1118mm)
Depth: 48″ (1219mm)
Weight: 164 lbs. (75kg)
Standard tank vol: 70 gal. (265L)
Swish tank volume: 60 gal. (227L)
Floor space: 41″ x 21″ (1041mm x 533mm)
Seat height: 18″ (457mm)
Door opening: 73″ x 24″ (1854mm x 610mm)