ADA Portable Toilets


The ADA Handicap, an Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Compliant portable restroom provides Porta-Can customers with the opportunity to serve their special needs customers. And do it with the highest level of products available.

Our ADA Handi-Capped toilet utilizes the T-Turn option under ADA guidelines. This allows for a more compact and easily transportable special needs unit. This ADA compliant unit comes standard with heavy-duty brushed aluminum handrails and pneumatic door closers installed to provide the highest ease of use of any handicap accessible unit on the market. This unit is also constructed on flat floors — eliminating the need for bulky ramps.

Standard vs ADA

How is an ADA portable toilet different from a standard one? The ADA toilets are like a standard unit but have been specifically designed to accommodate individuals with special needs. So the size of the ADA unit is a bit bigger than standard. A standard unit comes in with a width of 44” while the ADA version is 62” wide. The standard toilet is 88” tall and our ADA units are 91” tall. Depthwise, a standard unit is 48” and the ADA is 62”. As you can see, the ADA toilets are quite a bit bigger which allows for greater comfortability and room to maneuver.

How Many ADA Toilets Should You Have?

Any successful event will have the necessary facilities for all guests. This includes anyone with disabilities.

The Americans with Disabilities Act was passed in 1990. It provides the regulations that should be followed when determining just how many ADA portable toilets should be provided at an event. A standard recommendation suggests that an event requiring 10 standard portable toilets should have at least one ADA portable toilet as well. Five percent of all portable toilets need to be ADA complaint.

Another item for consideration is the location of the ADA portable toilet. These facilities must be placed in a proper location for accessibility. For example, don’t put them in any location that would require the user to step up on a curb.

The number of portable toilets your event should have can depend on a number of things like the expected length, will there be food/drink/alcohol, etc. If you need any additional assistance planning for portable toilets for an event, give our Porta-Can team a call.

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About Porta-Can

Whether you need an ADA compliant unit for a special event, wedding, job site, or anything else, we will gladly provide you with monthly rental prices for Charlotte and the surrounding areas. And as always, we will deliver a clean ADA portable toilet and service it as often as you need. ADA compliant portable toilets are very common for music festivals and concerts and all other events to meet the needs of all patrons. When you choose Porta-Can for your ADA portable toilet needs, you are getting a no stress fix for your portable sanitation needs. You can be sure that you are getting the best equipment delivered on time.

Porta-Can is locally staffed in Charlotte — 24/7 — so we can meet any emergency needs you may have for immediate delivery. All of our units are kept stocked and ready for delivery on short notice. We offer standard portable toilets, VIP portable toilets, luxury restroom trailers, ADA portable toilets, and hand sanitation stations. Learn more about our services.



Unit specifications:

Width (exterior): 62″ (1575mm)
Depth (exterior): 62″ (1575mm)
Height (exterior): 91″ (2311mm)
Door width: 32.7″ (831mm)
Door height: 80.8″ (2054mm)
Seat height: 19″ (483mm)
Weight: 250 lbs (107Kg)
Tank vol: 35 gal. (132L)